Weekly Mixtape 26

The past few weeks I’ve been leaning to the music of Phoebe Ryan. I’ve also featured her last week because of her incredible voice. 

Phoebe was born in Texas and grew up in Jersey. She has two brothers and a parakeet and is now based in LA. The song “We Won’t” with Jaymes Young is like a match made in heaven. 

“Are we gonna stay like this forever
Floating…I’m serious, my heart is furious
‘Cause I’m so confused when we’re together
Feels like I’m choking, these emotions
I know I’m gonna let you down, yea
So don’t hold your breath now”

Check out this week’s music from the best emerging artists: Ben Browning, Redspencer, Yøuth, Fruity Beats, Ghoul, Wild Party, Pool, Mandi Mapes, Flume feat Andrew Wyatt, Jaymes Young and Phoebe Ryan, Stonefox, Frances, Elohim, Fickle Friends, San Fermin, Our Man in Berlin, Kyko, Kaasi and Rivver

Cover is from artist Brian RolfeXhosa Bride, Acrylic & Paper on Canvas, 2011.

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