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Movie Review: Heart Attack (Thailand)

Heart Attack’s story gave me a sense of appreciation of the lifestyle I am in. At least I have a work life balance which makes me healthy, appreciate the people I care about and the luxury of time to do what I want to do. This movie is a great awakening especially for people who think that prestige and acquiring wealth is the most important thing in life. Health is definitely wealth.

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Movie Review: Tanna (Australia)

The movie captures the life of one of the last traditional tribes in the world. The scenes are beautifully captured in vivid earthy colors with scenes of the active volcano Mount Yasur. It gives you an insight of a world that hasn’t been seen in cinema which makes the movie very precious and unique. I liked the movie because it not only shows you a different world and a different culture but the story also allows you to feel the intensity of moments of despair and the celebration of life.